Black & Asian Lives Matter Virtual Protest 

The Black Lives Matter movement has been both influential to me as an individual, as well as the rest of the world. I want everyone to be more aware of the racist crimes and persecutions black and Asian people go through every day, not only in America but all over the world. With this thought, I wanted to use my own personal skills as a 3D computer animator to build awareness. Due to the pandemic affecting everyone’s ability to physically protest I decided to build a virtual tool that people could use to virtually protest. I built a 3D flag reading 'BLACK & ASIAN LIVES MATTER, using simulation software, and made the flag open source so it is accessible to anyone. The flag is intended to overlay images, stories and quotes, helping people express themselves on social media. Please use this tool responsibly, the BLM movement is a serious and important topic, not just a trend. I hope you like the idea, and you will use, share and spread love.

role | solo

VFX Artist


Houdini FX, Adobe Illustrator

vellum solver in Houdini FX

asian protest signs

powerful photo

my brother at BLM protest

my other brother at BLM protest

designed in illustrator